بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


24 September 2016
7:30 am

Mama telah kembali ke Rahmatullah. Pergi tidak kembali lagi.
Tepat pukul 7.00 pagi, Ayah kejut ku dari tidur untuk melihat saat saat akhir Mama.
Nafasnya, Ya Rabb. Allah saja yang tahu. Mata kirinya telah tertutup sayu kelihatan. Mama kuatkan diri untuk menghadap kiblat lalu membaca dua kalimah Syahadah. Aku terus mencium tangan dan kepala nya. Diri ku terus rebah, air mata terus membasahi pipi tanpa henti, fikiran tidak menentu. Terkedu. Tergamam. SubhanaAllah. Dua nafas terakhir Mama. Dia telah pergi. Sekelip mata Ya Allah. Sekelip mata di jemput Malaikat. Adakah dia telah memaafkan segala salah dan silap ku sebelum ini? Cukupkah amal ku padanya? Jawapan nya tidak pernah cukup dengan pergorbanan seorang Ibu terhadap anaknya. Aku pasrah dan redha dengan ketentuanNya. 

Ya Allah, kuatkan lah diriku ini untuk menempuh kehidupan yang sementara ini Lillahitaala (kerana Allah Ta'ala).


Running with a lower pace

Peace be upon you, Salam.

Been away for so long. It feels like a second until we are here again in Holy month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah.

On last February, Allah has given me a chance to perform an Umrah in the most Holiest city of Islam, Mecca Al Mukarramah. Syukur Alhamdulillah. I could never imagined that I was there right in front of Kaabah standing very numb and felt how small I am in this Dunya. The greatest feeling. SubhanaAllah. He is The Greatest.



Future Dilemma

Just graduated last month. Alhamdulillah.
My degree has officially certified with First Class Honours.
Few years back, I planned for something which I thought it could be real.
Just be on track and move to next phase of life, I was wrong.
Now I learn so much about how real life is. Get a job, be with family & friends
Have fun. I think my life is so complete. Nope. Still struggling to find my way
and trying to be a better Muslimah.
6 months without a proper job makes you think of something you might not do
in future. Limited time, stress, problems? Negative vibes.
I just hope that I'll continue Istiqomah in whatever I do.
Slowly, step by step. In sha Allah.


Have you tried "Beli Baju Online"?

Salam & Happy Tuesday Lads & Gens!

Well today is sooooooooooo gloomy. Where are you guys now? At School? Colleges? or even Working? Btw, skies are turning dark. Better stay indoor okay guys. Make sure you have your umbrella or even raincoat in your bag. Raining season by the way. And plus, if you're driving in the rain you need to ensure that your car lights & wipers are working. Be safe on the road! Enough with safety tips from me :P

Now I am going to share with you some post about "Beli Baju Online". Have you tried purchase online? It doesn't matter any kind of things. Clothes? Shoes? Anything? For me, I always purchase my stuff online. It is so easy and also it is convenient. You do not have to go to the mall and spend your time in traffic jam. Honestly, I hate traffic congestion! Looking up for now is raining season, so you are so lucky to have this kind of service right?!

I was a Construction Management student before. Normally, I was so busy with my classes from morning till evening. Tired sangat. I usually had my shopping time even at night. Scrolled and net-so-called-window-shopping in various shopping websites. *workloads* crying inside. Sigh. Haha

Women nowadays are so busy and struggling to have their own income. Willing to work till midnight and catch deadlines. More likely in designing field. Time is sooooooooo limited. However, women do not have to worry any longer as it is seen that there are plenty of brands which have gone online. Chasing with the fast pace modern environment, multiple local and international fashion brands have provided their products in their own online shopping website. Women can fulfill their fashion needs with just a click away by browsing through the net to Beli Baju Online.

The best part about shopping baju online is that women do not have to go through the hustle of driving out to malls and finding a parking space for their cars. With only a click of a button, women can enjoy an amazing online shopping experience in the comfort of their home or office. You do not have to waste your time and energy during the weekends or your day offs to do some personal shopping. Grab your laptop and start having an eye candy experience browsing through your favorite online shopping website. You can fully enjoy the privacy of picking out your clothes, shoes, bags or even accessories without being tailed by sales assistants.

Besides that, women can also grab the best offered prices through online shopping. The prices offers at online shopping sites are way lower compared to the items sold in retail outlets. You could also receive various deals and promotions on all the branded fashion products for a longer period of time. Other than that, it is easier for you to compare prices through various sites in order to get the best deals possible. If you are wondering on one of the fabulous shopping sites, check out ZALORA as it offers the fashion products from head-to-toe!

*TIPS: well yeah I usually have my measuring tape all the time when shopping online!*

*my favorite online shopping spot! hehe very comfy kan?*


Keep yourself with Doa

Doa or prayers are like walls. When foundations (solat) are fully filled, it needs a protection shield. So called Doa. Doa for someone you loved the most. For someone you cannot be with. I wish Allah will give me one more chance to meet him...Amin.



Real friends are hard to find. They are like diamonds. We might not be together every day like we used to be but I feel like you're here with me even you're not. I hope you are doing fine.


Only with God's will.

Hello Lemon & Ginger.

What makes you happy?
I've been thinking. And thinking.
How am I gonna be in next 10 years? Working? Married?
Growing up is not easy.
Being responsible is not easy. Every single thing in life.

First, job security. Yea, we need pay our own bills. This and that.
Then we will knw how hard it is. What to do after graduated? Work?
Continue Postgrad? I don't hv anything in mind yet. This is tough. Decision.

Second, makciks and relatives start asking me "Bila nak kahwin?"...
Malas nya. Kalau la ada depan mata, senang la cerita. Seeking for the right one ain't easy
makcik oi. Well, I'm not the kinda girl yang bersocial with random guys. I hv this feelings towards
this one man. I don't hv guts to start the conversation. We've known each other back then.
But not sure if he knows my name ke tak .
Few years back. Before got ourselves in uitmpp. Yes. This year. We bumped into each other twice?
I think so. After all. After years. Good to see him back. I was totally numb and quite surprised to see him
out of the blue.
Absolutely shocked. Only Allah knows. Alhamdulillah good to see him.
He nvr realize pun kan. Bluergh. Okay stop dreaming As.

Now back to reality.
What matters now?
Allah S.W.T. My beloved family and close friends.
I believe in Qada' and Qadar. With God's Will. In sha Allah.


Melawan Arus

Ramai orang cakap "Bermula dengan menentang rasa takut" or "Away from my comfort zone". Haha. Yes I did my first Skytrex in Bukit Cerakah Section 8 Shah Alam. Big Thrill package RM45.00 per pax. We did it! Jyeahh,


Cerita Setahun Lepas

Assalamualaikum to all and Alhamdulillah we manage to live as we are now. Dengan izin-Nya.

Dah lama tak buka Blogspot. Gembira dapat tengok new followers and current. Alhamdulillah. Kini sudah tahun 2014. Kejap masa berlalu. Usia blog ni pun rasa dah berkurun lamanya. Since zaman SPM nak ke Diploma. It was 4 years back. Dari kawan yang belum kahwin hingga nak kahwin. Fuh. Tua rasanya. Well I'll be officially 24 in August.

Sekarang baru la dapat tulis blog dengan hati yang tenang sebab so many things happened last year. Orang cakap kisah lama jgn di kenang. But scars are still there. Mungkin kalah dalam perjuangan yang dinamakan LOVE IS BATTLEFIELD. Yeah. I lost it. Almost a year. February genap setahun. Dari relationship yg bertahan 3 tahun. Akhirnya rebah jua. Dia bukan yang terbaik. Banyak yang dipendamkan dlm hati ni. I just keep everything inside rather than terpekak terlolong kat orang. I mean yes, bila you need someone to comfort you but not all the time right? you need to move on and think about your future and love people who love you eg: your family and friends darling. *peringatan buat diri sendiri juga* hehe. I learned a lot. Dari perangai orang, kawan-kawan, supports and of course myself too. Terfikir juga bila nak berhenti menangis sedangkan orang tu dah menyakiti kita dan terus meninggalkan kita dgn cara yang ermmm mungkin harsh tapi yes itu adalah kenyataan.

Fikir yang ALLAH has a better plan for you and In sha Allah apa yang kita lalui ini adalah yang terbaik buat kita.

xx Asliza 


deeply in love.

Save yourself,  I could be better. I wish I could. Everything we had together was real. Deep inside, I still do. 


Apabila jatuh rebah


Sememangnya memori yang lepas memang sukar dilupakan. Tidak boleh dilupakan. 
Sungguh. Tetapi, memori yang baru akan memberi 1001 makna kepada kita. 
Apa jua ujian melanda, ingat apa yang wajib dan minta kepada Yang Maha Esa. 
In sha Allah. Keep calm and pray to Allah SWT.


Salam Readers,
I'm finally back after long-long-long time w/out any updates.
He he he.
Blogspot sudah totally lain. Jenuh cari post button -_-''



Exploration will start within 2 more days! Pray for our trip! Amin.

p/s: Will update you soon!


Dream Wedding Themes!

Wedding Receptions/Themes

I bet every girl has their own ideas for this once in a life-time event. Siapa tak suka?? Suka kot kan. When I was kid, I always have this feeling of being so thrilled by the marriage. With whom I want to marry, my dream wedding theme... blah blah blah and the gifts! Haha. I'm so into this stuff right now. Beginner stage of being an adult. My god I'm 22 now. I know I'm still young.
Okkkk. So now, back to the story girls....

What is your dream wedding themes????

For me,
I love pastel colours, very cozy and moderate. I'm not into hot colours, sebab terlalu glamorous and diva-ish sangat. Haha. For the themes, ermmm I love candyland, vintage, seasons... banyak kot. Every single idea boleh combine and jadi your own theme tau. It depends on your budget and creativity.

Free to share some ideas ;)


Mana satu ni?

Food & Beverages

Nasi Ayam, Lamb shank, Bubble Tea ......Yummy kan? Semua makanan dekat dunia ni kalau tengok macam sedap+warna best semua nak makan. Tapi tahu tak kalau Halal ke tak. As a Muslim, kena beware dengan apa yang kita makan.

Tengok ramai Muslim kerumun kedai/restoran tu semua nak ikut. I ADMIT! I pun macam tu.
I tersedar yang sebenarnya kita ni tak tahu di sebalik pembuatan makanan-makanan yang kita makan tu. Betul ke supplier ayam/daging etc tu sembelih mengikut cara Islam. Allahu alam. I pun tak tahu juga.
Okay kalau nak kenal, kedai makan tu Halal

1. You guys check out LOGO HALAL yang sah iaitu dari Malaysia
2. Check through SMS. Type HALAL SEMAK>company registration number>Send to 15888
3. And kalau kedai/restoran tu letak sijil halal tu jejauh, tahu sgt memang taknak customer tengok.

I pernah tengok dekat Papparich ada SMS punya option. You guys try la.
Tanggungjawab semua. Kalau was-was tu, tak payah teruskan okay.