Gadget #1


Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

1. Really packed!
2. Cuci Mata.
3. Cool stuff...
4. Lelong lelong, midnight!
5. Tired.
6. Borong Memborong.

Pergi bersama-sama dengan kakak, boyfriend dia and mama.
Ayah is in Kedah. He's staying there for a little while. Well, got promoted there.
And our family is heading to the north. mayn.

So, back to the main thing..
Hehe, temptation... Sony VAIO
Since my mum is obsessed to get this particular laptop. Finally ma, you've bought it.
I've waited for such a long time till this moment tau!
Susah betul nak decide.

Haha. And rambang mata nak pilih. Got new printer for upcoming semester.
Then, new bag for my lappy.
Feel contented.
Satisfied i guess?

Jalan-jalan KLCC,
Jakun, lama tak datang. I assume, around 5 years. Damnz Itz
Penang is penang, just komtar... Queensbay, Batu Ferrighi and blah blahhhh..
Tak de kena mengena pun.

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