Jonas Sisters

Burpppp, burghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Liana called me and asked me about something but I actually can't remember that much.
Mamai, I guess?
FYI, I was in bed and sibuk tidur. Well, I slept around 4 a.m. Pretty busy!
And again, I received phone calls from Awen. "Dalam hati marahhhhhh, sapa kacau aku tidur nih?"
I just picked up and "yeah whats up?". Haha. Awen said, "Ya allah tidur lagi?"
Kejap lagi nak gi ambil Liana la.............. siap cepat!
I was like WTFFFFFFF. Snizzz It.

Kelam kabut.
Rambut gerbang.
Haha. Then, mandi and sempat masak pasta for mama.
Baik kan??? Lovely :)
hehehe. Ok fish, will update something laterrrr yeah.

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