Screaming for intention

Hi peeps :D

Haven't posted any new issues lately....
well, make it straight now.
Neva Mind jinggy.

So peeps, I'm going back to S.A tomorrow since next week is our study break
and i bet it'll be awesome-merrr than before.
Yeah lah, one week holidays ohhh no..no.. two weeks i guess.
My finals will be on 28th of April and I have two weeks to "crack my effin head oh"

8-4-2009- Hilarous and absurd, more to "oh, i had a bad day"....
9-4-2009- Happy Birthday Sir A'bas, our favorite lecturer. Lots of love, from us.

*Submit my final project! Yeay, alhamdullilah I've completed all my drawings and few structure layouts, architecture layouts and etc- that supposed to be in the list and ain't that easy at all mayn. Good job, Little girl!
big smile!

I'm gonna miss my Blaire, Serena and Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey!
hahaha. Housemates, i bet you must have something in your mind.

loves, asliza.

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