1st week (10/5-16/5)
  1. The Engagement, Preparation, and Checklist for Kakak!
  2. Pick-up the selected flowers for the following event this saturday.
  3. Jogging and tennis.
  4. Clean up my mess, here and there.
  5. Kitty Koko, You have to mandi and be wangi.
  6. No outing.
  7. Groceries, jadi part time bibik kejap.
  8. Mamq's birthday!


2nd week (17/5-23/5)

  1. Date dengan Maliha and Dalya. Excited!
  2. Second date with Wanis and Iz. Gossips!
  3. Next date with Farah Hani, since we wanna watch PUSH. Cineleisure?
  4. Jog-jog-jog! Lepak with the boys...Mamak?

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