koko krunch and banana split, kitty kat rawr again.

see. I woke up early today and yesterday. Very the malas one but have to go for jog and take a walk. Just got back here, and gained few KGs. Damnz it. Last weekend, just had my sister's engagement ceremony. Alhamdulillah went very well. Begin with new chapter of life.
Congrats kak. And also for Mum and my beloved Dad, just got promoted.
And received an award from D.Y.M.M Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin.
Well done parents ;)
We're so so proud of you and very grateful. Working every single day and plus work very hard just to give us money, foods, a comfortable life and all the very best that you can give us. Sacrifices.
Insyallah, we will take care of you and must do and we love you forever.

Last friday, the last day to finished up the hantaran and very busy with tolong menolong part.
Mama busy with kemas mengemas. Bibik pun sama. Ayah busy pergi workshop. Adik busy dengan bunga bungaan dan menyusun hantaran. Kakak busy drive and ulak alik beli barang.
Kesian dia. We slept around 1 a.m and finally the hantaran already completed dengan berasa bangga. Air tangan kakak sendiri. She's the only who gubah the hantaran and the oned yang designed it. Good job. Cousins mula puji and boleh buka business nih.
Hahahaha. Hello, she's doing part time Master programme plus she's working and you ask her to do the hantaran for orang kahwin? Hell no, will gain so much pressure la nanti.
Helped my sis to take pics for the ceremony. Yeah, ok kot. Entah, never tried before.

Ardyn, she's 5 months old. Very the gedik, suka menangis now. Hehe, but she's cute!
That's all for today. Thank you.

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