Chillis and Tomatoes, whatever!

Last night, had a great time with the girls. Since it's been raining for 2 days. We didn't get any chance to hang out together. Sleep and bed, surrounded us. Cold and gloomy days.
Commented old friends on Facebook and watched movies. I miss the most....
Want to go back! Fast-fast-fast la...... Aiyo.

Went to McD and watched football match. Chelsea Vs Barcelona last morning.
Imma supporter for Chelsea. But very nice one. Never to kutuk-kutuk Barcelona. So talking about Barcelona. They were super excellent last night.
And just in time to make a perfect score right tho?
Drogba, he was quite dramatic last night. I don't know, frustrated I think.
That's ok, dude.

Woke up around 2.10 p.m
Don't get me wrong, I was pretty tired yeah.
Waktu tidur terbalik.
I had an "unexpected" dream and also please don't get me wrong bout this.
About the past. I'm talking about my love story. You know how much I hate this.
Hahaha. Okay now, gonna kemas my stuff.
I'm leaving, and will be heading home next Monday.
I love you Ayah, and Ma. I miss you both.
Will see you next Monday.

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