pin-ups some historical evaluation

Posters designed by Kazumasa Nagai year 1979, techno design.

Do you like History when you were in highschool?
Honestly, very the boring one and I had this one kind of thought that practically showed how narrow I was back in school... "Why do we have to study all about the past and it just about the past, don't bother". I was so stupid and wrecked off shit-head, didn't know anything about it, plain and blind. Then when I grow up, just entered my college life and suddenly I realized, history is the most interesting part ever.

Tokyo in Japan, I seriously adore Kazumasa Nagai is both a modernist and a Japanese traditionalist in design. Sort of an artist long time ago. Searched from the internet and google-d some info about him. I've found some of his creations and the masterpiece that belongs to him until now. The vintage posters are very inspired.

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