Still continuing our "few awesome weeks" before we get back for BELAJAR. Yeah, long way to go.
Banyak benda yang belum di-settle-kan. Nanti mula la stress, penat and kurus balik. Kihh kihh kih.

This week kan is not a pretty good week lah. Just spoiled everything duhh....
Anyway, if you think that I am the cause of the prob.... at all... I shall say sorry and I'm sorry ok.
Don't want to drag this prob sampai jadi lagi besar. We all grown up already. My time is occupied with housework, busyness around my head and else serabut kepala nak fikir....
Orang lain pun macam tu juga.
Everyone feels the same way and deal with it.

Susah la if tak dapat cope with the real conversation .
And tak ada sebab untuk terasa ini terasa itu.
If you wanna stay, just stay but all I can say is ' I dont have any prob, and you are still my friend'...
Friendship nowadays huh always come and go....
That's why la jadi macam ni.

Trying not to pressure myself.


  1. haha tak sabar semua nak kurus balik.

  2. ngehehe. mission nak kurus dong, dah bulat sgt nih ^-^