Strengthen my thoughts.

Asliza is unwell and been very upset lately.
I wish I could swallow more pills la! Fever! Fever!
and I've gained few KG's already. OhMaiGod. Gemuk sial.
Dayumnnnn mayn.

Recently, Kak Lin has quit her job as an engineer and she's waiting for the next interview from KLIUC and insyaALLAH, she will be a lecturer there in Bangi. Now, she's also waiting for her results, Master Programme in UiTM. And me, had three so-called-nightmares! Dreamed about "Dropping my current course". Wtf? It was a dream. Nasib baik. And so damn scared now.
Engineering is not that easy kan, you guys can figure out how difficult that is.
Well, semuanya susah dalam dunia ni. I don't know what to say lagi. And tak boleh expect apa apa for future. Itu ketentuan-Nya. Hanya boleh doa and usaha.
Awak, Asliza sangat risau............................................
Apa saya nak buat?

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