You want some piggies?

Within this 1 more week I have to be sure that I'm gonna spend my time wisely OK!
Firstly, write something on a piece of paper and place it on the top of my desk so I can see my checklist clearly. Pathetic. I always be such a "pelupa mak nenek"...
Is that clear enough? Hehe. I'm not old but I have this penyakit that can screw my day and yeah forget things easily. Ok bummer. Plus, boleh jadi gelabah kalau terlupa benda sampai sweat satu badan and that is not healthy at all. Everyone has this ayat or whatever la kan "Oh man, now I'm sweating like a pig".....
Finally, my best friend asked me this one question and it goes like this heh, " Pig sweat ke, as? I don't even know pun since I dilahirkan kat dalam dunia ni tak tahu la pula pig boleh sweat kan". Can you answer this? and back to my words,
IM-NOT-A-VET-OR-A-DOCTOR. In my mind, "people always say that"......
Normal thing. hehe.

Kenapa I membebel pasal "I'm sweating like a pig" OMG.
Crush crush. Don't talk bout piggies anymore.

and next, I'm out of the comfort zone.
preparing for the next evaluation thingy douh. ceh ayat macam entah apa apa.
penang oh penang..............
rasa macam nak buat treatment electroconvulsive therapy sambil makan roti butterscotch!


  1. yeappp dee. sedap gila babun kan. boleh habiskan dlm dua hari je. hik hikkkk hik ;D

  2. Tak sampai sehari dah habiss