Catch me when I fall.
I aspire to have my brain widely open and yeah functioning!
I have tons of shits to do but I have no idea where to start......
Sometime, holidays are actually not working on me.
Pemalas yang amat sangat.

Well I'm a life safer. Claps claps please.
Just had a very fun day. Helped my friend with her things going on...
Yeah, not in a good condition I would say. Still searching for her new life
and keep moving on. You might not know what I am talking about now but
"pendek kan cerita"... Soal hati dan perasaan.
I wish I could help you more, I'll be there for you friend ;)
You've been through a lot for the past few weeks, certain unplanned situation right.
You will find your way out and good things will catch you up later.


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