Cheers for the ride, Pilot!!!!

So yesterday. I was totally packed up and pretty rushed to go balik kampung.
I started my day with some early wake up call.
But then, when I just arrived at the airport kan, guesssssss who is there?
Mr. J and Misss. L.
Well, they manja manja and all. Hectic. You will see your girl again lah.

And I was heading to the check-in section. After that, looked at the time machine.
1.30 p.m and still early to go in. So I decided to just sit and called my mom.
Then, the "sparkles" came out from my face showed up.
Yeah, that guy. Really i-want-to-know. Then, just forget la miss A. You wouldn't know.
and will not seeing him again. Hahaha. sob sob sob.

2.00 p.m, busy x-raying the things.
Was waiting at Gate 14. Still can observe him from my current position.
Gila stalk engkau ni, setan. Hahaha.
Ok, whatever. Just do my own stuff and the only book that I had is solid mechanics.
Opened and closed it back.
waiting...and waiting. Yeah, we are in the same plane!
Q- in and walking behind.
Lastly, my heart started to pounding like hell.
Please don't sit beside me, dude!
Nervous ok.
Luckily, we have the same number, which is 5.
It means, duduk together.
Hahahahhahaha. The sparkles on face again.
Nervous again.

p/s: Really nice ;) and hope will see you again.

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