//Journey #1

hey, i did not expect for all the good things but hell yeah i was in a bad-bad position.
here come and guess. my back is on-going-to-be-recovered. alhamdulillah. will check 'em out later on and see whether the bones are having some complications or not. well my bad.
pray the good ones though.

look, i haven't seen much much people lately. must be something on track.
agak ketinggalan sedikit.
hehe. what to do, assignments are just like damn banyak. and my previous tests, i totally messed up already.
tidak sehebat mana. ceitttts.

esok test, mlm baru nak buka buku. ash, you ain't got nothing in jorr head yo'.

no internet connection at home. so basically, google via mobile. hehehehe.
shatap. i have to be more rajin or else, nanti menyesal kemudian hari :8)
will come up with a little something.... tata.

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