// droplets and choco

Alright fellas, i'm in the holidays mode. and sick, i'm dealing with this symptom "eat-too-much"...
end of the day, gtg to the toilet dude.
okay, im sitting on the very delightful couch while watching House.
the weather outside really seems so gloomy. drizzling, yeah falling very lightly.
that makes me so wanna sleep....
even though i already slept for like what 10 hours a day. insane....
i saw a teaser of C.S.I miami,
so, p.diddy will be in one of the series. Ceh. you've become an actor now right, brotha'.

I've found a very wonderful and a very exciting blog.
she's going to deliver a baby in February, 2010.
some of you guys might know her, well known as Sue Anna Joe.
yeap! Pray for her and the baby!
google it up, it's pretty useful for the mommies ;)

setelah selesai meng-google,
turun bawah,
golek golek atas lantai macam kucing.
nak makan boleh?


tak sabar mahu tengok NINJA ASSASSIN & NEW MOON.

P/S: acoustic night dan kenduri, tonight. macam mana ni??

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