Cerita 5 sen, Tak berapa nak hebat

Alright, i'm lucky to have you but i'm way more lucky to lose you.
(tekanan perasaan sedikit). Since Koko (my kitty kat) don't have any intentions to come back home and say hello to his lovely Ladyhhh right here. (Koko, come home! You always want that fat kitty kat, mengorat later later boleh tak?
I'm going back soon okayh!) Haih, yang dua ekor lagi. (Budi & Esah)
both are my ninja little turtles. Ngehh, notty ah you guys. Always busukkan air dalam tank.
I have to kasi mandi twice a day ok. Change the dirty water and honestly, i do brush Budi's shell too ok. Not Esah. She's a lil bit angry when I touched her chunky shells. Gerammmm.
These are my fix routines everyday, take a good care of those kind of pets.
Nanti ada lagi baru coming up.
Iguana? Ermmmmmmmm, probably.

Enough, hehe.
Aiyaaa, been waiting for calls from the OMGs.
I miss them a lot maynn, haven't seen them in awhile douh.
Will be doing.... karaoke and makan at Ikea okies girls?
I will upload some of the pictures yeah ;)

Lately, i've been dealing with this unusual kind of thing.
Most probably risau pasal my upcoming semester.
I do not know what I want,
what am I search for within all these days,
I do not know all my needs,
I was too upset with the unexpected results.
I put myself in reality, not illusions.
wake-up big girl, you have to run squillion miles more.
Don't you ever lay down and remember, more excitement is coming out.
Be patient.

Dude, you are sweet but please babe don't sweat.
I'm standing on this earthy surface just for my own goods,
and I'm not looking for a sweet talker anyways.
Your face is sweet, your voice is sweet, your WORDS are sweet.
I'm not able to be your sugar or probably your candy, my love.
I'm big Sorry.
*Be honest to yourself or else, you will end up like a fool.

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