Not Tic-Tac-Toe, Not Crossword


Recent activity.
Just bought a search book,
very satisfying....

Yesterday, it was a Hari Nerdy bak kata Kei,
Went OU and watched New Moon,
Then Maliha wanted to buy the Rubiks,
5x5 is pretty hard though,
hahaha. Well, quite expensive I would say.
RM 89.90 EACH.
damnnnn it,
End up she just bought 3x3,
delightful enough! hehe.
Senyum lebar.

Monopoly City seemed very tempting, yes it does!
*rolling eyes.

When I was back in high school,
I had this huge search-word book,
more than 600 pages.
and accomplished!
I could finished all those search-word

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