Unit Kesihatan #3

Fix your outer and inner strength,
Learn yoga postures,
For the beginners you should learn the basic poses,
The sequence can be performed in order,
Take yoga class sessions that conducted by the qualified trainers,
Understand (asanas) yoga poses, (pranayama) breathing exercises,
and meditation.
You'll feel more energetic, bring down stress,
greater power of concentration,
remain calm & relax
and infuses a sense of balance.

Tara Stiles is a yoga instructor/model/ an actress.
Catch her out on Youtube to see the poses
and practically learn the basic positions.

I was into yoga when I was seventeen,
"babeh, still in love with yoga ok"
Then, I took yoga classes for few times
Perfect trick, haha still in a young age,
wanted to learn something new
and quite different from the others,
I'm not into jogging, swimming and that kind of thing,
Slightly different from yoga,
A regular practice will enhance your body strength.
and more to mental disciplines. Hehe.
Hangover, just do child pose twist and for the advance
Head stand is way more better ;D

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