Morning Glory

Guess the intruments, what would you play?
Totally noob, yeah I really can't play anything alright.
Can't pick the guitar. and all. wtf.
They hate us to play.

So anyway, I was awake. By you! I guess it was A Good Morning wish.
I get inspired by the blunts........................
Last night, I was trying to sing this song and so called Collide by Howie day.
But then, it turned up so w-r-o-n-g. Duhhhhh. yeah keep on playing, ash.

Today is so called the V-DAY. Sorry, not interested. I will not getting any VDAY clbration
okay. It's not that necessary kan?? Better layan movie dekat rumah sambil minum
Hot Choc. Lagipun the weather outside agak gloomy.


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