there's no time to waste.

Within all these days have been packed up with some serious matters. Brilliant.
My brain is melting, hell yeah finals yo. Heard from friends, the mates all stressed up with the exact subjects they carried. Well, you know it's become harder dude. Get yourself ready and well-prepared with all those stuffs. Mentally and physically. Damn, I was shocked by the breaking news saying that someone was ............"the thing".... screamed out loud while they were doing exams at the hall.
Freakin' scary.

Yes, I'm all alone now.. while I'm writting this post. And the time shows it is almost 4 a.m.
Can't sleep though. I thought I wasssssssssssssss damn sleepy! but then, my eyes are widely opened and still fresh!

30th of April,
I just got home from karaoke with mates.
They were extremely energetic. Everyone was totally dammmmmmm, get the heck mic baby!
I was too tired, I've got flu and done with Fluid paper last day.
So I do really need my sleeping hours back. I've been drinking sweet shits.
Anyway, on afternoon I'm planning to get the tickets for Iron Man 2.
I wanted to book the seats on GSC, but then this movie is fully booked.
I guess I shall wake up pretty early. I wish!!!!!

Cokes and Bulls.
Taken for a reason, studied.
Pffffftttttt. I've gained weight, currently.

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