It wasn't a holiday for me :(

This is my artificial story. Eh no, this is based on true story.
*I will not post any pictures alright, I'm too lazy to post one of them....

On the 17th of June, I was doing my shortcourse in Uitm Jengka, Pahang.
At first, I was totally depressed. Can you imagine, you're living in very isolated place
with no malls. Haha. Mengada habis aku nih.
Okay in my head, I was saying that "Okay As, deal with it. Siapa suruh repeat Maths"
mmmmmmmmmmm, Boleh Hidup la weh!

The food is good. I always eat tempe. I've never like tempe before. Since I was there, wowwwwww!
It has become my fav!
I missed all the gossips makcik, the steppest stairs. Haha. Macam Great of China bak kata Sabrina.
Comel je.

1st week, my schedule was too packed. Night and day. Thank god, the signal of 3G is there!
Haha. Boleh online kan.

Lotsa cats there! I love you kittehhh. I gave them foods :) baik kan???
There was one time I was too focused in playing Mario Game, this pregnant kitteh was sneaked in my room and got into my closet. Wahahaha! Nak cari tempat nak beranak ye kitty! Ish awak ni notty sangat. But I love you kitteh :O

The last day has came. I was sad :'(
I'm missing my mates, my otai lecturer, the kelantanese, the tempe.
Haha. That was my 1st time heard my hubby crying like a baby :D
Awwwww. Don't kill me sayang!
i <3>

And lastly, I miss all in Jengka...

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