Perfect catch for another 5 years.

It has been a good day long and spent with the rest of the family. It was great anyways.
Yeah, since everyone is busy with their works in front of the lappy while hands and eyes do that 'multi-task' through out the jobs. Sigh. How exhausting is that! Recently, I've watched this one movie called Motherhood. It's pretty awesome I would say, it's good when we're in age 30 and got married and got pregnant and finally, boooom there comes baby. Haha. "You know how to make babies, but you do not know how to raise the babies". I mean yeah, when it comes to marriage there are lots of things you have to handle, figure out by youself and your partner, take care of the kids and importantly, you must have a job.

Fuh. I'm turning 20 soon so I feel that I'm getting old, but not that old okay. Just calm down.
There's 2 instead of 1 in front the digits. Hahaha!
Scary kot!

I hope I will be a good mother and a good wife sooner. Haha. Okay, seriously!
Few years I've been so observant with this kind of thing, yes I'm shaking!
So, good luck for the future. Self-motivation is useful :)

[Picture taken by Asliza Saadon]

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