Representing, Jijo. Continuing the black & white kitty generation in our family.
Koko is the blacky cat with big black paws and yeah can lead to gangsterism among the big huge cats.
Cici is the tux dude. He has a mole okay. A bit weird. He's charming anyways :)
Jijo the kicik baby with pinky nose. He got adopted in August. I found him in McD Penang, he was rolling rolling and crying all around. Finally, you have my heart now dear.

(Anyway, he always searching for his mum but dear your mum's not here anymore then I have to feed him with botol susu serious macam baby :'( Grow fast Jijo!)

Somehow, they made me smile :')


  1. As ! Adorablenya ! Jantan ke betina ? AH. COMEL TO THE MAX !

  2. Hajar! Dia jantan! But suara dia mcm betina. Wahaha. Bising gila dia ni tau. Nama dia Jijo.