Syawal Menjelma

Hey Jude! (Can I be the JU-DE?).....Sigh.
So anyway!
Well, I ate a lot on Raya. 1st day of Raya seemed so excited.
Then the next day, I need a break!

I've received so many Raya wishes.
Thank you friends!
Today is 5th of Syawal.
And we're still celebrating Raya and not forgetting to visit the nearest Family.

1st Raya: Done Solat Raya, The foods are ready, New Baju Kurung is on. Kak lin, Can you bring me to the Starbucks? I really really need a coffee. We have nothing to do since Mama is not well enough to Balik Kampung. So yeah we decided to stay at home and chillex.
I watched this Raya Commercial Break by Maxis and PKNS,

Aww, I'm touched ;')

Hey, I took so many pictures for Raya but then Kak lin grabbed off the camera!

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