Expression and Emotion

Hey there everyone. Here again continuing writing on this little miss bloggie <3
Well, honestly I am complex. Unpredictable! Kah kah kah...
I am not a friend who is searching for the names. In Highschool, I was but then
we are meant to be such kid poser back then.
Trend-on-track. Admit that! Haha. That was highschool, man.
Now, it begins with lines and pavement that will guide us to the real world.
Not fully matured, but on-going right?

I'm glad to be 20 because I can't even imagine that I came this far to see all the
changes since before I was born till now, just perfect 20.
Alhamdulillah :)
Another 1 month and 1 day we will be in Year 2011.
In that matter, we have to put aside the past and keep moving forward.
Past is just some memories that can't never fade. We can't change anything back but the memories still there.
I don't believe with "start a new life". Oh come on, life is just once. Cannot even start all over again and suddenly you have a new one. Silly. Clock never stop ticking. Just move on. We learn from our mistakes. Believe in your Experience, Learning, Guidance, Prayer.
It helps ;)

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