Christmas Wishes?

Hey, there is Christmas celebration coming on track. But I'm not celebrating any one of it okay.
But really excited seeing the Christmas cute and fancy packages. Perfumes, Bath and Lotion gift set and blah blahhh blahhh.

Okay, I'm in love with this Fossil watch. I keep dreaming all day long for have this one :(
But yeah, it's quite expensive. Bestnya kalau dapat kerja :(
Tu la pemalas sungguh! Honestly, I tak pernah kerja ok. Just freelance photoshoot for wedding and that's it. Never be a promoter or assistant something k
e. Back to the awesome watches.
I beli Cleo mag for December session. Lagi la syok, ada catalogue Fossil. Oh man, rambang mata ini. Then there was a Jingle Merry Cheer thingy. Just pick your top 5 favorite items and chance to win the desired items from Fossil. Apa lagi? Masuk ah!

What I need is LUCK! but I bukannya celebrate Christmas pun. Hmmmmmph.
Tipis peluang nak menang. Tapi try je la kan. HEHE.
Kejap I upload!





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