Words, dedication

And again, I'm writing this with a good sense of sight. Almost turning 1 a.m now. My eyes still look very fresh. And tomorrow will be another weekend which I can't figure out anything. Fill up the time!!!!!
So this semester will be the last semester here in UiTMPP. Pray for the next phase alright?
My diploma progression? Still on border line. Haha! I guess everything is just a beginning. Don't give up so easily kan?
Since I didn't have the mind of being an engineer. Alhamdulillah, lastly I've got the REAL vision.
You just have to work hard and push yourself. I've seen so many things. I've learned this and that, how and must, do and don't (s)....

You have a vision but you never have the passion and the real feelings in everything that you do then it will end up like wasted. Totally wasted. Or else, you have to open your eyes clearly to see the real world how it looks like.

Let's hope and pray for the best :) xx

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