Dream Wedding Themes!

Wedding Receptions/Themes

I bet every girl has their own ideas for this once in a life-time event. Siapa tak suka?? Suka kot kan. When I was kid, I always have this feeling of being so thrilled by the marriage. With whom I want to marry, my dream wedding theme... blah blah blah and the gifts! Haha. I'm so into this stuff right now. Beginner stage of being an adult. My god I'm 22 now. I know I'm still young.
Okkkk. So now, back to the story girls....

What is your dream wedding themes????

For me,
I love pastel colours, very cozy and moderate. I'm not into hot colours, sebab terlalu glamorous and diva-ish sangat. Haha. For the themes, ermmm I love candyland, vintage, seasons... banyak kot. Every single idea boleh combine and jadi your own theme tau. It depends on your budget and creativity.

Free to share some ideas ;)


  1. hi... randomly browsing some blogs and bumped into urs... nice wedding theme thinggy you got there... I'll share some ideas... not too sure if this is considered a theme or not but how bout adding onto your wedding theme idea a garden wedding setting with canon in D music playing using cellos..

    Nice blog... keep it up

  2. Thanks Azra! Been away so long. Will keep blogging soon ;)

  3. pastel color theme mmg sgt sweet!

  4. yup, pastel colour theme memang cantik & sweet sangat