Only with God's will.

Hello Lemon & Ginger.

What makes you happy?
I've been thinking. And thinking.
How am I gonna be in next 10 years? Working? Married?
Growing up is not easy.
Being responsible is not easy. Every single thing in life.

First, job security. Yea, we need pay our own bills. This and that.
Then we will knw how hard it is. What to do after graduated? Work?
Continue Postgrad? I don't hv anything in mind yet. This is tough. Decision.

Second, makciks and relatives start asking me "Bila nak kahwin?"...
Malas nya. Kalau la ada depan mata, senang la cerita. Seeking for the right one ain't easy
makcik oi. Well, I'm not the kinda girl yang bersocial with random guys. I hv this feelings towards
this one man. I don't hv guts to start the conversation. We've known each other back then.
But not sure if he knows my name ke tak .
Few years back. Before got ourselves in uitmpp. Yes. This year. We bumped into each other twice?
I think so. After all. After years. Good to see him back. I was totally numb and quite surprised to see him
out of the blue.
Absolutely shocked. Only Allah knows. Alhamdulillah good to see him.
He nvr realize pun kan. Bluergh. Okay stop dreaming As.

Now back to reality.
What matters now?
Allah S.W.T. My beloved family and close friends.
I believe in Qada' and Qadar. With God's Will. In sha Allah.

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