Future Dilemma

Just graduated last month. Alhamdulillah.
My degree has officially certified with First Class Honours.
Few years back, I planned for something which I thought it could be real.
Just be on track and move to next phase of life, I was wrong.
Now I learn so much about how real life is. Get a job, be with family & friends
Have fun. I think my life is so complete. Nope. Still struggling to find my way
and trying to be a better Muslimah.
6 months without a proper job makes you think of something you might not do
in future. Limited time, stress, problems? Negative vibes.
I just hope that I'll continue Istiqomah in whatever I do.
Slowly, step by step. In sha Allah.


  1. InsyaAllah...everything will run smoothly! Good luck in the future!
    Salam ziarah...

  2. just started reading ur blog. like it bt i have some suggestion though